The human advice world is changing, there’s no denying that.

For a long time, personal contact has been a barrier that held up further digitalization. Now, that barrier seems to be overcome, in part thanks to the video conversation.

The video conversation enable us to offer personal contact in a digital way. Indeed, using a normal video connection. But no matter how simple a video connection may sound, the video conversation is surrounded by pitfalls and dilemmas.

That is why you are in the right place at GoGrapefruit. We are experts in the area of communication via video connection. What we do? We help businesses and organizations to digitalize their (classic) consultations.

The classic advice meeting transformed into a digital advice experience.

What we do

What is really needed to turn a video call into an amazing experience? It starts with selecting the right building blocks, a good understanding of the customer needs and a clear approach on how to engage clients through a camera. GoGrapefruit can guide you through the process and kickstart your transformation into the digital advice world.

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The video banking revolution

EFMA / Vidyo 2018 research

  • Increase satisfaction / NPS97%
  • Revenue growth77%
  • Better results75%

This third annual report is a joint effort from EFMA and Vidyo. It highlights video banking trends and provides insights and recommendations to banks and credit unions evaluating and executing a video banking opportunity.

Have a look at all the results.